Welcome to the first comprehensive, flexible and fully open-source training system for the reuse and valorisation of agricultural buildings.

Our aim is to face important challenges like unemployment in EU rural regions, the enormous consumption of agricultural land for settlement, traffic and industry together with the loss of centres of rural living by providing a training system fostering the reuse/valorisation of agricultural building.

The REVAB training system tackles all the aspects of sustainability (social, environmental and cultural) in addition to pure economics related to the reuse/valorisation of agricultural buildings in a set of comprehensive training materials including:



Aimed at providing you with background information about farming in Europe and in the countries of the partner organisations working together on the project.

Get familiar with some data about reuse/valorisation of agricultural buildings and the considerations of experts and other farmers and rural entrepreneurs!


Deriving from the selection of best practices related to reuse/valorisation in the European countries represented by members of the project consortium.

Get an impression of real experiences of reuse/valorisation from entrepreneurs who have already carried them out successfully!


Based on the requirements derived from the summary report and the case studies and also take into account the skills necessary for entrepreneurs to master the reuse/valorisation successfully. The training modules also include evaluation questionnaires to self-assess the competences acquired.

Deepen your knowledge in highly relevant courses for you as entrepreneur willing to carry out the reuse/valorisation of agricultural buildings!




Simulating the implementation of a reuse/valorisation process with your individual input. In combination with the use of the accompanying training modules, you will be able to apply the lessons learned from the Serious Game to your individual reuse/valorisation process, thereby increasing your chance of success.

Check if you’re taking the right decisions in a game environment simulating a reuse/valorisation process!



Our recommendation is to follow the given structure of the training platform from element 1 to 4 and then check the “Links” section of the web page where you can find valuable resources to deepen your knowledge.

Even if you may be well prepared in some aspects, a quick glance to all the sections may be worth some time and effort just to refresh your knowledge.

The platform is constructed to offer basic training in this field of interest aiming at farmers and rural entrepreneurs of any educational background getting ready handle the reuse/valorisation of agricultural buildings in a sustainable and entrepreneurial way.