ELO, Hof und Leben GmbH, On Projects Advising SL, Asaja – Granada, CIA Toscana and AGRITOUR Ltd. signed a grant agreement under the funding programme Erasmus+/KA2/Strategic Partnerships for VET with as staring date the 2nd of November 2015 for the duration of 30 months.

From the beginning of February 2016 the Związek Pracodawców-Dzierżawców i Właścicieli ) based in Bydgoszcz is supporting the coordinator, ELO, in all tasks linked to Polish cases as well as in the dissemination of the final results of the e-learning course.



The European Landowners Organization – ELO asbl, created in 1972, is a unique federation of national associations from the EU28, which represents the interests of the landowners, land and forest managers and rural entrepreneurs at the European political level. The ELO’s statutory commitment is to defend and promote sustainable development, conservation and protection of the environment, renewable energies and responsible use of natural resources. To further its positions the ELO has developed a communication strategy including elaboration and coordination of action programmes, involvement in the EU and international events, think-tank management, publication of position papers and studies, etc. The efficiency of the organization relies on its ability to gather together rural actors, land and forest managers, scientists, businesses and political decision makers at local, regional, national and European levels. Its network of more than 64 organizations throughout Europe represents several millions of land and forest managers and provides the ability to voice positions shared by a huge number of stakeholders from all over the EU and the candidate countries, as well as to analyze the local effects of the implementation of the EU legislation. The ELO has unrivalled experience in Natura 2000 network implementation, CAP, soil, water, forestry issues and countryside management. The ELO has been advising its members, farmers and land managers, on Natura 2000 implementation and had gained experience in this area. ELO is regularly invited to EC working groups and debates, and organizes high level conferences focusing on Natura 2000, environmental services, CAP, estates/countryside management at EU and national level. The ELO has been co-organizing for 9 years the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, which is a unique event advancing discussions on food, environmental and energy security, attended by more than 1500 people and international press. The ELO is developing the Wildlife Estates programme and Pollinator Network initiative in EU in collaboration with academics, ministries and stakeholders.

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Marie Alice Budniok
Emmannuelle Mikosz
Servane Morand

Hof und Leben GmbH (HuL) is an independent private consultancy focused on consulting of agricultural based family enterprises.

HuL is consulting in Germany in all types of agricultural business: crop cultivation as well as animal husbandry, production and processing of biomass for food and feed as well as for energetic or industrial purposes.

With a special focus on social and ecological aspects next to the pure economy in the planning

HuL assures sustainability of all projects realised.

Hof und Leben
Johannes Dreer

On Projects Advising SL (OnP) was born in 2014 as a project managing consulting enterprise.

Its main focus is advising enterprises, associations, public bodies and other entities in managing, monitoring and evaluating public funded projects.

On Projects staff has a wide experience in managing projects in the framework of many European Programmes (including 6th and 7th framework programme, Horizon 2020, Life, Progress and of course LLP and ERASMUS+) with a special focus on VET in rural areas and Agriculture/Rural development domains.


ASAJA-Granada (ASAJA) is a Professional Agricultural Association that has been established to meet the requirements of crop and livestock farmers to defend and promote their interests in the Province of Granada in Andalusia.

ASAJA – Granada is the most important Professional Agricultural Association in the Province of Granada (Andalusia) with over three thousand active members.

ASAJA – Granada provides different services to its associates, such as advice on trade unions, accounting, grants, training and on technical, legal, tax and employment matters.

Asaja Granada
Javier Morales Luque

Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori Toscana (CIA) is a professional farmers association. The CIA Toscana represents and protects the farmer’s economic, social and civil interests and the rural community. The CIA Toscana affirms agriculture’s fundamental importance to the economy and in society.

The CIA Toscana works to affirm and to improve the farmer’s professionalism, the development of the agricultural enterprise, the diffusion of the innovation, the protection of the social and civil rights in rural communities.

CIA Toscana
Marco Failoni

Agritour Ltd (Agritour) is a young organisation, which aims at providing and organising activities that contribute and lead to the development of the rural areas in Bulgaria.

Its headquarter is in one of the most typical Bulgarian rural areas – Tran’s region.

One of the main factors for sustainable development of the villages is diversification of agricultural activities. Stimulating and nourishing fresh ideas for recreating the rural reality and transforming it in an attractive place for living is one of the greatest challenges in front of our team.

Elizabeth Kouneva
Luba Yonkova